Services Offered

Colleen identifies and treats mental health and behavioral issues. She helps to alleviate emotional disturbances using supportive interventions for these and other commonly encountered experiences:

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  • Sadness and depressed mood
  • Anxiety and excessive worry
  • Loneliness and social isolation
  • Grief and bereavement
  • Fear of death and end-of-life issues
  • Relationship problems
  • Stress related to health
  • Substance abuse
  • Difficult transitions
  • Inexplicable feelings of “just not feeling like myself”

Aging often brings daunting challenges. Changes, especially when unexpected, can result in unsettling emotions, such as sadness, vulnerability, loss of meaningful roles, uncertainty about the future, and general distress. Common situations encountered in this stage of life include the loss of loved ones, a serious medical condition that will significantly alter the way one is accustomed to living, and the gradual or sudden decline of physical and mental abilities necessitating a move to a new residence. Some will come to depend on others for basic daily tasks after a lifetime of independence, which can be a difficult and frustrating transition for all involved.

Professional intervention and guidance can substantially improve acceptance of circumstances commonly experienced as we age. Adaptation to change tends to promote contentment and boost satisfaction in every life stage. Restoring and maintaining dignity, hope, and enjoyment in older age is attainable, and Colleen’s empathetic counseling can help you reach your individual goals.

Don’t suffer in silence. Colleen is here to help you navigate what can be the rough waters of your advanced years.